30 Degree Rule In Film With Example | EP-19 | 30 Degree Rule In Cinematography | Explained

30 Degree Rule Example In Film | EP-19 | 30 Degree Rule In Cinematography | 30 Degree Rule Editing

After learning the 180-degree rule, today we are going to learn about the 30 Degree rule, this is a very small topic but if you go wrong then you will mess up the entire show. 30-degree rule is a very small but very significant rule of filmmaking but a small mistake can question your credibility as an editor.

So What exactly is 30 degrees rule?

30 degrees rule
30 degrees rule

If you are framing any character with two cameras located at the same distance from the subject then there must be a 30-degree difference between both the cameras. But what if you don't maintain the minimum 30-degree distance? As a result, you will face a jump in the visual... but why? If you will not keep the minimum 30-degree difference between the camera placement angles then it will be a very confusing visual for the viewers, as one cannot see enough differences or similarities in the frame and that is why a viewer will not get clarity about the framing.

Now the question is- how can one overcome this issue?

1. Manage enough difference between the cameras. It means, you have to follow the rule. 2. If the difference is not 30 degrees then try to bring one camera closer to the subject. 3. Else you can scale the shot from one camera, but if you are planning for the big screen then it will pixelate and a little blurred visual will ruin the viewer's experience. I hope that you learned something new through this video today so like and share this video, and if you have any doubt then comment below, I will try to reply to you. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel.

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