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What is Cut-In and Cut-Away?

Cut-In is a shot that shows the detailing of any character or object. Whereas Cut-Away is a shot that usually displays something other than the current action, irrespective of space (means location) and time. Now I will try to help you understand it better with an example. Suppose we are interviewing someone and now in between the conversation we are inserting a few shots of his or her hand movement or other expressions, it means we are using the details of the same character at the same time and space. this is an ideal example of cut in, few people also calls it an Inserts Now Suppose we are interviewing same person and now in between the conversation we are using some footages of the same or different locations to justify his context. If that person is talking about human psychology then we can use some other footage for reference. This is the perfect example of cutaway. Insert or Cut In certainly empowers the story, have a look. But Cutaway is something which you can use widely to enhance the visual representation and it can be used for different reasons. Like:- As Metaphor to justify the scene. To Justify the reaction of the character. Many times we use cutaway for flashback (What is running in his mind) or for moving forward in time. or just for the simple narration. If you want to use Cut In and Cut-Away then I will highly recommend you to segregate your footages in different folders so that at the time of editing you will not miss out on any relevant clip. Now it's time to watch some good use of this tool in cinema. I hope you have learned something new and useful today so like and share this video, and if you have any doubt then comment below, I will try to reply to you. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel. #CutIn #CutAway #Insert

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