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What is the double exposure film?

double exposure in film
double exposure in film

Today we are going to talk about double exposure, a term that becomes revolutionary and magical while filmmaking. Double exposure is a technique in which we superimpose two images to create a single image and when we use multiple images to do the same then we call it Multiple exposures. Now try to understand it with literal meaning, Exposure means you are exposing the frame to light if it is done twice then its double exposure and when it is repeated multiple times then it is called multiple exposures.

How to achieve Double exposure?

Previously it was just a photography technique and every technique was executed in-camera itself and here is how Georges Méliès did the same with his magic. So this was about the physical reel era but how do we do it now? Now double exposure happens on the computer table, It is not just double role or using green screen but some of the intros of the impactful film was done with the same technique, So have a look. Now let's do it on the editing table, where we will take two footages, The First one is a close shot and another one is the long shot. Now we are making some adjustments like a color correction to enable contrast between both the footages, we will use some blending mode and a little bit of adjustment can give you the desired result. Yes, a double exposure literally means you're exposing the frame to light twice so you can cut each exposure in half to balance them out. With that being said since black & white and color negative film do so well with overexposure you're still likely to get great results if you shoot each exposure normally. I hope you have learned something new and useful today so like and share this video, and if you have any doubt the comment below, I will try to reply to you. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel as we are coming up with all 25 Tutorials on Film Editing. if you have missed out on the previous videos of this series then check now in the description. #DoubleExposure #MultipleExposure #Learnvideoeditiing

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