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What are J Cut and L Cut?

J Cut In Video Editing
J Cut In Video Editing
L Cut In Film Editing
L Cut In Film Editing

J-Cut and L-Cut are audio-based Transitions where cutting is being done with Shape "J" on timeline. The upper portion of J shows the cutting of the video element and the lower portion is for audio.
For example, we have two shots (Shot A and B), so now before the end of the clip, the audio of clip B will start trending to create a certain relationship between both shots. It also helps in the amalgamation.

On the other hand, L-Cut is just opposite to J cut, here Visual of clip A will end and B will start but the audio of Clip A will follow in clip B. As letter L suggests, the upper portion of L suggest Video and lower slant of "L" suggest an alignment of audio.

how to achieve J and L cut on editing table?

Achieving J and L cut is easy, you just need to detach the audio from video, in Final Cut Pro by right-clicking you will find an option "Detach Audio" but if you are using Adobe Premiere Pro then just right click and "Unlink" audio from video and align according to the desired result.

Why Use a J-Cut and L-Cut?

Sometimes it became difficult to place two shots together because it is giving Jerk or not going with the flow of the film than J and L cut can be a useful tool for the editor. But the main use of J and L cut is to create a connection between two shots.

Can we fix the glitch with J-Cut and L-cut?

Yes, we can, most of the time we can fix any sequence if you are not getting any way to synchronize two shots. For example, have a look here.
Now we are going to use J and L cut to fix this issue, now it is looking better.

Now let's see some great examples with J- Cut and L-Cut.

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