Cut On Action | Match On Action | EP-12 | Cutting On Action and Match Cut Example | Video Editing

What is Cut On Action & Match Cut

Cutting on action or match on action both are cutting techniques where an editor cuts one shot and matches it with the next shot. So are they same? The answer is NO Cut on action is an editing technique where an editor matches the action of a character or object with a different camera angle. And match on action is a different editing technique where an editor tries to match the action of any character or object with a different shot. So the clear difference is of "Angle with the same character or object" and "different character or object with different space and time" I hope that you got a grab on the subject. let's understand it with the help of some examples on the editing table. The question that arises here is - why do we use it? and what's the need of specifying cutting on action and matching on action categorically. The simple answer is, we shoot films in different chunks and it doesn't matter for your audience about how you have managed to do that, because they are watching a story as if it happens in real life. So these editing techniques allow viewers to see your whole chunk of footage and your years of effort in the span of a few minutes. Here we are working with one sequence and we have different shots for that, so now we will use other camera shots or angles by maintaining continuity. And here is the final result. But in Match on Action we have placed one object in different space and time which will allow the viewers to go back from the different location after using match cut. I hope you have learned something new and useful today so like and share this video, and if you have any doubt then comment below, I will definitely try to reply to you. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel as we are coming up with all 25 Tutorials on Film Editing. if you have missed out the previous videos of this series then check now in the description. #Matchcut #Cutonaction #Learnvideoediting