Slow Cut vs Fast Cut In Films | EP-09 | Slow Cutting and Fast Cutting Explained | Example

Today we are going to talk about slow cut and fast cut and how do we use it along with an in-depth explanation behind the usage of this technique. If you are new to this channel then please subscribe and tap on the bell icon to get all notifications about the film editing techniques.
Slow Cut And Fast Cut In Film
Slow Cut And Fast Cut In Film

What is Slow Cut?

If you are using any shot of longer duration then it is a slow cut.

Then What is Fast Cut?

If you are using different footages to develop any action or event then it is a fast cut. That's it? No, Not at all! Few people have drawn a line of 15 seconds to define it, as per them if a cut is at 15 or more than 15 seconds then it is known as a slow cut and if it is less then that, it is a fast cut. But Is this true? No, this is not true. Slow cutting and fast cutting simply means the pace of your sequence. Most of the time an editor tries to provide variation in every sequence to keep the audience's attention intact. Pacing in any shot depends on different factors like movement in the picture, camera movement, audio track, changing the speed of the footage, etc. But here we are talking about "Cut" So how frequently are we changing any shot that makes it slow or fast. there is no such timer to make any cut slow or fast. It is just about the overall feel from the sequence. If the director has put a lot of effort into the art of the film then there are chances that he might not like to see the rapid cuts. because he wants the audience to see his effort in building the environment. If an editor wants to show the detailing and depth in the film then he prefers slow cut. And if he wants to establish any kind of rush in the event then he opts for a fast cut, which you might have observed in action sequences. Let's see some examples of slow cut and fast cut form the cinema. I hope you have learned something new and useful today so like and share this video, and if you have any doubt then comment below, I will definitely try to reply to you. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel. #SlowCut #FastCut #LearnVideoEditing

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