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What Is Smash cut?
Today we are going to talk not only about what is a Smash cut but also about how this technique can enhance your editing skills and the experience of your audience. If you are new to this channel then please subscribe and tap on the bell icon to get the notifications about the upcoming videos on film editing technique. Before starting with the definition of smash cut we are going to understand about human behavior, and how an emotional cycle functions for a person. Do you think it is going out of the context? Absolutely not. It will further allow you to not only understand smash cut but also why we use different cuts, transitions, and editing techniques and with a better understanding, you will become a good editor. You all must have witnessed this in a hospital, or in a movie scene where if a person is breathing then the machines show a fluctuation in the graph indicating the heart rate and vitals. The same theory is used in a cinema theatre. During the making of a film different dynamics are used to grab the attention of audience. As a filmmaker, if you succeed in fluctuating the emotional graph of your audience then it means that the viewers are enjoying your creation, so throughout the film, you have to keep them engaged. Now let's come to smash cut, what is Smash cut? It is an abrupt cut or change in the shot. As an editor, we do it for different purposes like some times it is used to beautify the sequence or to pull out emotions. Now It is the responsibility of an editor or filmmaker to decide when to use it, using it often can also dilute its impact. Now, what is required to make a Smash cut? The very first thing that we need is two shots of a different pace along with some sound effects which can justify that change. If you have planned your smash cut in your script then it becomes very easy to craft it properly on the editing table. It is time to watch some good use of this tool in cinema. I hope you have learned something new and useful through this video today so like and share this video, and if you have any doubt then comment below, I will try my best to reply to you. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel. #SmashCut #VideoEditing #PremierePro

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