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Sheshank Kishore Mishra
Sheshank Kishore Mishra

I am Sheshank Kishore Mishra a Freelance Filmmaker made Short Films, Documentaries and professionally working as Video Editor.

I have started my blog with a very small step by providing notes to the film students online and after 3 years it turns out to be a professional website aiming to provide online film tips and talking about films.

As a educator I was dealing with subjects like Video Editing, Film Studies, Online Media, Documentaries and Mass Communication.

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In this blog I included Mass Communication, New Media, Cinematography, Video Editing and Film Appreciation content, but that's not all on routine bases I try to write about new films and analyzing films deeply.

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If you think i should make video or content on some specific topic then E-mail me at sheshank.kishore@gmail.com and i surely try to make content for you.

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