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So what is an Eyeline Match?
It is a film editing technique, through this particular technique an editor tries to maintain the continuity, towards the perspective of characters on screen, what or who exactly are they looking at, and the usage of this, helps an editor in determining when or at which specific point he has to cut the frame. What is the importance of this particular technique? Eyeline match is the most important tool in accordance with film editing as it helps the audience to predict the character and his next movement better. When a character is looking at something or someone, that helps us decide, which shot is next in the line. If I have to simplify this then I simply call it "Follow the eye" Because eye movement decides where and what needs to be in the next frame. It becomes more important when one character is talking to other characters, then we have to place the shot in a way so that viewer gets the exact idea about who the character is talking to. Now let me give you a perfect example of the Eyeline match, you all might have seen this advertisement where a number of Celebrities are part of a short film explaining why everyone needs to be at home during this time of crisis. There are multiple characters involved in this film and all of them have shot it at their own houses but what we get to see is that it looks like all of them are in one place. So how did they do it? Here as well the editor successfully managed to match the eyeline. But wait... The editor missed the continuity in this. I hope you have learned something new and useful from this video today so like and share it, and if you have any doubts related to this topic then post it in comment section below, I will try my best to answer all the queries. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel.

Content Edited By Amisha Pal