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So what is a Reverse Shot?

It is a film editing technique where one character can be seen looking at the other character, it is mostly used when two characters are talking to each other. Why is it so important? Reverse Shot is one of the most important tool of film editing as it enables the audience to see the interaction as well as the reaction of each dialogue along with expression. So is it applied only when two-people are conversing with each other? The answer is No. It can be used to show the reaction of any character about a certain action or event, or how the character reacts with the insert or a cutaway. If you want to know what is insert and cutaway then please check the link in description. I have made a dedicated video on this topic. The reverse shot also helps in maintaining continuity and works best for pulling out emotions and hence conveys the desired message. And here is a bonus tip. If one of your Characters or any shot subject is not good enough then you can always hide those glitches by inserting reverse shot. Now, it's time to watch some good use of this tool in cinema. I hope this video helped you in learning something good and useful today so like and share this video, and if you have any doubt then post it in the comment section below, I will try to respond to all the queries related to the topic. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel as we are coming up with a package of 25 Tutorials on Film Editing.
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